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Mr Bassie (horace andy)       real rock
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Earl 16
Un homme en mission

Rod Taylor
Plus que jamais High

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Les meilleurs ventes
(1ère semaine mars)

1 Tryo
2 Tryo
Faut qu'ils s'activent

3 Compilation Reggae, Absolute reggae

4 Rue Ketanou , En attendant les caravanes

5 Sinsemilia
Tout c' qu' on a

6 Le Peuple de L'Herbe, Triplezero +

7 Pierpoljak
Je fais c'que j'veux

8 Pierpoljak
Kingston karma

9 Kana

10 Tiken Jah Fakoly
Cours d'histoire

Hey, vous achetez que du reggae français à la fnac??

  1. Riddim TRILOGY With our special partner Germaica Observer from Deutchland

    name: Trilogy
    produced by Ward 21
    arranged by Succo, Teetmos & Gary "Belly" Samuels
    executive producer: Lloyd James
    published by Greensleeves Publ.
    label: Mentally Disturbed
    release JA.: 28/12/00

    01. "U Hear Dat" - General Degree
    02. "Jump" - ARP
    03. "Anything" - Cobra
    04. "Forgive & Forget" - Red Rat
    05. "Trilogy" - Galaxy P.
    06. "Blatt" - Xcitement
    07. "Bite The Dust" - Frisco Kid
    08. "Smoke Clears" - Wayne Marshall & Bounty Killer
    09. "Gi Wi Dem" - Spragga Benz & Red Square
    10. "Bash De Girls Dem" - Rastayouth David King
    11. "It's On" - Sean Paul
    12. "Warning" - Amin Brasco


Top 40 jam mars

1 (4) IT WASN'T ME
Shaggy/Ricardo 'RikRok"
2 (1) CHANGEZ- Cecile
(Kings of Kings)
3 (2) TO DE POINT - Sizzla
(CJ Records)
4 (5) NO PET GAL - Alozade / Chico (Mo Money)
5 (3) MAN AND MAN - Babycham (Xtra Large)
6 (6) TROUBLE MAKER -Beenie Man (Xtra Large)
7 (8) TWINGY TWANG -Hawkeye (Shines)
8 (7) NEW APPLICATION -Elephant Man (Kings of Kings)
9 (9) COUNTERACT -Beenie Man (Kings of Kings)
10 (10) GIVE IT TO THEM -Sizzla (Kings of Kings)
11 (13) STRAIGHT PRISON -Beenie Man (CJ Records)
12 (19) GOD IS STANDING BY -George Nooks (Total)
13 (12) CHI CHI MAN -TOK (LOY)
14 (15) HUSH UP -Capleton (Shines)
15 (26) SON OF A BITCH -Lady Saw (Big Yard)
16 (14) THE BUSINESS -General B/Patchie (SVP)
17 (11) CIRCUMSTANCES -Ricke Rudy/Beenie Man (B Rich)
18 (16) NOTHING BEATS A TRIAL -Capleton (Harmony House)
19 (31) Greatest Gainer MORE WOMAN -Alozade (EJ RECORDS)
20 (18) HEAVEN MUST HAVE SEEN YOU -Glen Washington (Arrows)
21 (23) RIGHT NOW -Capleton
(Black Scorpio)
22 (28) FOLLOW MI ARROW -Bounty Killer (Pretty Boy)
23 (17) GRAB YU LASS AND COME -Mikey Spice/Louie Culture (Digital B)
24 (24) I AM -Beenie Man
(I & I Records)
25 (21) BUS IT -Capleton (Annex)
26 (22) THE TRUTH -Elephant Man
(B Rich)
27 (33) WANNABE SEEN -Bounty Killer (I & I Records)
28 (25) SAY WHAT -Singing Melody (Digital B)
29 (20) ROLL DEEP -Beenie Man (Mentally Disturbed)
30 (38) PRETTY GIRL -Sanchez
(Joe Frazer)
31 (34) CU YAH -Capleton (Cali Bud)
32 (27) ENOUGH LOVE -Luciano (Arrows)
33 (37) THEY GONNA TALK -Beres Hammond (Harmony House)
34 (NEW) GIVE ME THE WOMAN -Capleton (Big Jeans)
35 (NEW) ENEMY -Chico (Xtra Large)
37 (40) I'M IN LOVE -Stevie Face (Arrows)
38 (32) REDDER NOW -Mr. Lex (Studio 2000)
39 (39) PEACE -Beenie Man/Ghost (SVP)
40 (NEW) PEACE RAG -Beenie Man (First Name)


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Tous les riddims de l'année 2000
blahustler (prod. by m. johnson)
door bell (prod. by michael johnson)
ratchet (prod. by buccaneer)
asthma (prod. by ...)
lightning (prod. by jeremy harding)
thugz (prod. by monie muss crew)
money maker (prod. by ...)
big up (prod. by john 'true blue' dunkley)
storm (prod. by c. walker)
the arrow (prod. by degree)
20/20 (prod. by ...)
jam down (prod. by richie stephens)
yakusa (prod. by buccaneer)
killa wasp (prod. by buccaneer)
hot blood (prod. by ...)
grippa (prod. by ...)
stress (prod. by ...)
intercom/here I come (prod. by frenchie)
speed (prod. by d. blake & r. blake)
tixx (prod. by christopher james)
chiny gal (prod. by cecile & scatta)
007 (prod. by red rat)
resilience (prod. by ...)
two bad (prod. by anthony gordon)
buckle up (prod. by d. blake, r. blake)
the bounce (prod. by dave kelly)
punaany / punaany remix (traditional)
navy blue (prod. by j. dunkley)
new world order (prod. by j. dunkley)
sashi (prod. by tony kelly)
pickle peppa (prod. by goofy)
mud up (prod. by tristan palmer, nigel burrell & steven ibanez)
pennicilin (prod. by collin fatta)
wey yuh tek love fa (prod. by c. nelson)
convic (prod. by ...)
split it up (prod. by ...)
blazing (prod. by norman "bulpus" bryan)
intercourse (prod. by shams)
bobo spice (prod. by sheldon steward)
g spot (prod. by flowers,reid,salmon)
joker (prod. by patrick roberts)
show off (prod. by ...)
ole mon (prod. by steelie & clevie)
dubwise (prod. by richie stephens)

boasy gal (prod. by colin levy & steven ventura)od. by t. thompson)
bedroom (prod. by ...)

mun(prod. by goofy)
blue drawers (prod. by eric (jnr.) delisser)
heatwave (prod. by harvel hart)
hummer (prod. by fira)
dun dem (prod. by bobby konders)
highway (prod. by mark hudson)
full moon (prod. by troy mclean & garfield hamilton)
thug life (prod. by ...)

bad weather (prod. by steely & clevie)
jungle fever (prod. by tony lynx)
typhoid (prod. by stone love movement)
new ride (prod. by byron murray & clifford smith)
breathless (prod. by buju banton)
mad sex (prod. by troyton)
doorslam (prod. by harvel hart)
punaany (neu aufgelegt von ward 21)
acid hall (prod. by hot ice crew)
sudd (prod. by bulby, fatta & toppin)
dingy (prod. by degree)
gravity (prod. by degree)
bigger heavens (prod. by a. simpson)
yard bounce (prod. by bobby konders)
hurricane (prod. by flabba)
crab claw (prod. by doctor marshall)
unleaded (prod. by ?)
bun a fire (prod. by roy francis)
tonsilitis (prod. by pionear)
orgasm (prod. by richard 'shams' browne)
shag-a-delic (prod. by ?)
volume (prod. by ward 21)
scarface (prod. by patrick roberts)
fire glare (prod. by ?)
ambush (prod. by wayne wonder)
indecker (prod. by dave lindsay)
spring water (prod. by ward 21)
skunk (prod. by howard hall / dave lindsay)
ice pick (prod. by steely & clevie)
clone/bug (prod. by dave kelly)
rattle snake (prod. by degree)
virus (prod. by d.reid, m.williamson, t.thomas)
cut up (prod. by buccaneer)
razor blade (prod. by goofy)
chaos again (prod. by patrick roberts)
bassline (prod. by ?)
busta (prod. by richie stephens)
heart attack (prod. by dave kelly)

grabba (prod. by garry mowatt & fatta)
bitch (prod. by pinoear)

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mars 2001

1) Macka B Global Messenger
2) Triston Palma Two Roads
3) Culture Humble African
4) Midnite Jubilees Of Zion
5) LMS Reality calling
Ras Michael A Weh Dem
                        a Go Do Wid It
7) Various artists 3 to the road way
8) Dawna Lee Renel Souls
9)Bunny Wailer Communication
10) Various artists Reality calling vol 1